EayLoan- Complete Loan Servicing Application

The Easy Loan is a complete loan servicing application that automates loan creation, payments, collections, and accounting within one robust, flexible, and secure platform. With the power of the cloud, it efficiently manages portfolios and allows you to easily increase transaction volume. Easy Loan is highly configurable to allow financial services companies to quickly bring new products to market or update existing offerings.

Product Overview

Solution consists of following modules and solution is designed with capabilities to add many more modules.

Main Modules of the system

  • Customer onboarding module
  • Dashboard
  • Loan creation, modification and deletion module
  • Loan repayment module
  • Part payment loan schedule
  • User management
  • Reports [Cashflow, Payment schedule, Payment overdue, Planned vs Actual ]
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Why EasyLoans?

  • Already deployed at multiple customer sites.
  • Simple solution suitable for any financial institution.
  • Satisfied customers.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Experienced support team to cater changing needs of customers.
  • Capable development team to accommodate changes required by customers.