Enterprise Automations

Syngco automation solutions have helped numerous organisations to replace manual data handling processes by introducing automation products such as:

  • Enterprise Profitability calculations.
  • MIS and KPI Dashboards.
  • Complex VAT Calculations for financial and banking industry with MTD support.
  • Streamline management and statutory reporting.

By using automation software, which act as the bridging tool, it takes row data from various sources such as ERP systems (e.g. SAP, NetSuite, IFS and Sage), Excel data sources, other workflow automation systems as well as manual data input, which will be used to provide many outputs such as MIS dashboards and reports for middle to top management. All such automations saved businesses many man hours as well as increasing the timeliness as well as accuracy of outputs.

Why Syngco Enterprise Automation?

  • Data Accuracy.
  • Efficiency (In Minutes not hours).
  • Fraud Prevention.
  • Access control by user/user groups.
  • Better MIS dashboards presentable to every level.
  • Endless possibilities to integrate any system and ERP within the organisation such as SAP.